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Relocation-Who can we help?

We have worked with individuals who have decided to move for various following reason:

  1. New job
  2. Retirement
  3. To be near family
  4. Divorce
  5. Marriage
  6. Fancy a change
  7. Moving overseas

We cater for each instance individually. For example if you are retiring, we can help you compare the local retirement home facilities and prices. We are known for going that extra mile.

Completion of a house can be nightmare

Using an estate agent to relocate can require time and effort and a lot of hassle. You have to worry about viewings and waiting for a buyer to make an offer. Then once the buyer has made an offer, then you just have to pray that the buyer do not pull out otherwise you will have start all over again. With the recent mortgage restrictions buyers are pulling out more often.

With Quickly Sell Property, you don’t need worry about delays.  We offer you a price and once you accept it, you can start making removal arrangements as we will not pull out.  We even offer to pay your solicitor fees

Broken chain

We have many clients who spent a lot of time trying to find a new home. Once they have found it, they are delayed moving in because there were unable to sell their current property. With the current status of the housing market, it is becoming more difficult to sell your home. Our clients almost lost their ideal home but they contacted us and we have arranged quick completion.

Moving overseas

If you are planning to emigrate, then there is so much to organise like visa, deciding what to take etc.  Then while you arranging moving out, you have to spend time on viewings and deciding on offers. Often emigration plans are reliant on the sale of your UK home and any delays in its sale can be extremely costly which can turn your plans upside down.

At Quickly Sell Property, the stress of selling the home is taken away from you, so you can focus on other elements. You can plan accordingly knowing that the selling of your home will be completed on certain date.

We have even had clients who have already moved overseas, as they could not wait for the property to be sold or we have overseas landlords who now decided to sell. We have helped so many people in this situation as we take care of everything while they enjoy with their new lives.

*All Offers are subject to our Terms and Conditions We are interested in all areas of the UK but currently particularly interested in Neasden. We are interested in Neasden because we are based near Neasden so can meet whenever required. Quickly sell a property also like Neasden because Neasden has good amenities and Neasden has good transport links. If you have a property in Neasden then don’t hesitate in contacting us. We are also interested in houses in Willesden, Dollis Hill and Harlesden.