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A divorce or separation is often a very difficult time to sell a property, as stress levels are normally high already.

Divorce –so much to deal with!

Divorce and selling your home are two of the most stressful times in our lives. Having to deal with Divorce and selling your home at the same time is even more daunting. The issue of decreasing property prices only adds pressure to the situation.

There are so many things to think about and it’s difficult to know when to start. Not only is there so much to do but they (who are you referring to?) have to be worked around your (who are you referring to?) daily routine and work. A project manager would have difficulty with arranging all the elements of a divorce, let alone a normal person who has never had to juggle so many things in their lives.

At Quickly Sell Property, we will help you by taking over the process of selling the home for you.  All you need to do is contact us (using the online form or telephone us) and then we will arrange a valuation and agree a date of completion.  As you can see, Quickly Sell Property will make the process simple and quick with minimum effort from you. We are not just here to help you sell your property, but offer advice and willing to help however we can through this difficult situation.

Divorce-long delays with estate agents

Once you have managed to allocate some time into the property, it can often take months to years to finally arrange the exchange. Most estate agents will have difficulty arranging the completion within 2 months as it will take over a month to find a buyer and then at least another month for the buyer to arrange a mortgage etc.

Estate Agents simply can not guarantee a sale and the process can just drag on with separated couple having to go back and fourth to agree on any offers submitted. The delay would also cause an increase in solicitor fees. We have had feedback from many separated couples who finally found a buyer but lost out because the delay caused the house prices to decrease and they also had to pay the additional delayed solicitor fees on top.

We have so many clients contacting us after wasting their time with estate agents. Often the estate agents are not sympathetic to the cause or just cannot sell the property quick enough. Often people have been duped into thinking that the estate agent would be able to get a high asking price but in reality, it was just a tactic used to gain their custom. We guarantee the price as we are making the offer. Quickly sell property also guarantee we will never pull out which is something a estate agent can not never guarantee.

Divorce-living together until the sale

In many instances, couples would still need to live together while finding a buyer which is the last thing they want to do. In most cases the couple don’t know when the sale is likely to happen and every day just feels like a nightmare.

Quickly Sell Property will agree to a timescale with the sellers and then they will at least be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

 Is it really worth the nightmare?

Call us now and we will help you and sort it all out for you. Quickly Sell Property, we will give you cash for your property so you can both get on with your lives. We take one aspect of selling the property from you, so you can focus on more important things like your kids and other divorce elements.

*All Offers are subject to our Terms and Conditions We are interested in all areas of the UK but currently particularly interested in Neasden. We are interested in Neasden because we are based near Neasden so can meet whenever required. Quickly sell a property also like Neasden because Neasden has good amenities and Neasden has good transport links. If you have a property in Neasden then don’t hesitate in contacting us. We are also interested in houses in Willesden, Dollis Hill and Harlesden.