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Sell House Fast Tips

Sell House Fast 1-Rooms with maximum appeal

The first step in to selling a house fast is to make the property appealing to everyone. It is also advisable to make the rooms appear to be used as intended.

If the property is being advertised as a 3 bed room property then it is important there are 3 bedrooms and a bedroom is not being used as a study or a storage room. If you have a small room, try and stick a small one bed in there. There is no point being over ambitious in the room and sticking in a double bed and then having no space to move or for cupboards.

Sell House Fast 2- Remove clutter

Everybody likes big property. The more clutter you have in the property the smaller it looks. Items can be stored in the loft or left friends property temporarily. The items may be valuable and sentimental to you but they won’t mean as much to prospect buyer.

Sell House Fast 3- Do simple DIY

Just painting the property can make a massive difference if you want to sell house fast. Not only does it make the property look fresh and new but it also gives the impression the property has been well looked after. When choosing a colour, it is advisable to choose a colour that neutral like white or magnolia.

Also fixing simple DIY jobs are (like broken cupboards etc) can make a massive difference in selling a property quickly.  The property needs to look like it being cared for.

Sell House Fast 4- First Impression count

First impressions count when you want to sell house fast. Trim the bushes outside and make the house feel welcoming. Also ensure when prospects buyer enter the property they smell a neutral scent. Not only will it make the property fresh but it will also appear the property is cared for. You can purchase a plug-in scents from a local supermarket with £10.

Sell House Fast 5- Cleanliness

Give the house a general scrubbing. Focus on the kitchen and bathroom as they are usually the most sensitive area of the house. Get the whole family involved, so it takes less time.

Sell House Fast 6- Pictures

When the estate agent is taking picture, ensure you are at the property when they do so. Sometimes estate agents may not take the best picture so it is best the pictures are checked before they leave. Ensure the rooms in the pictures are clean.

How quickly sell a property can help?

The above are all simple tips in selling your property quick. However depending on your circumstance you may not be table to do the above and just want sell your house fast.

Quickly sell a property can help by making you cash offer. Contact now us on 08001223325 or using the form on the right to arrange your cash now.

*All Offers are subject to our Terms and Conditions We are interested in all areas of the UK but currently particularly interested in Neasden. We are interested in Neasden because we are based near Neasden so can meet whenever required. Quickly sell a property also like Neasden because Neasden has good amenities and Neasden has good transport links. If you have a property in Neasden then don’t hesitate in contacting us. We are also interested in houses in Willesden, Dollis Hill and Harlesden.